And Namaskaar

Good Morning
for those who’ve started their day lately.
Good Afternoon
for those who’re viewing this before 4 o’clock in the evening & may be just checked their watch.
Good Evening
for those who know the Sun is about to or has set.
And sorry I can’t say Good Night.

So today, what I’m gonna share with y’all is my views on a topic of everyone’s interest. Or maybe not?!

I’ve titled it – Our Lifelong Buddy

Just recently ’twas Friendship day for most of us wished our mates, right?

But that’s not what I’m gonna talk about.

My topic is – CHALLENGE

My lifelong buddy, our lifelong Buddy – Challenge.

Challenges are Life, they say.
It’s a challenge that makes us, only after it breaks us.

These challenges come every now and then. But you have been known to this conventional factor, Right?

I thought as to how do I present this Resentment turned Acceptance from my side?

Let me Clarify –

I’m not talking about the ‘Challenge Accepted’ game people are playing these days on social media.

2nd & my only clarification –

Marriage, naah. Wedding.
Yeaa, No thin or fat line of difference as such.
Just that this word sounds better .

Yes, yes.

A big challenge to every young lady in her 20’s, provided she’s like minded
& for those, I suppose Happily Unmarried Women.

People accept this challenge for some or the other needs.
Think about it.

For those whom I’m sounding interesting, doesn’t the “challenge” lie in the Before-hand thing rather than ‘Just Married’ or ‘Happily Ever After’ thing?

Well I Wonder, but say a Yes.

And that before-thing is Readiness to that challenge, being so-called prepared.

A year back when I was done being 22 (no calculations please), these talks started.

My reaction was, “Oh c’mon, I have my life & my career ladder is right here with me. Let me climb before I fall.”

Some mixed emotions paved their way.

Dad said, “I’m there with you.”

Mom said, (To Dad)
“What do you think? I’m not there for her. It’s me who’ve raised her all the while, while you were busy out. And you’re behaving like I’m being orthodox. Huh! I mean look at her. This habit of her to be spontaneous enough & doing what she’s wanted, where has it come from? She stays more with me. I’ve been her listener most of the times. You just knew how to react.
Depth, is what I know. I don’t say – “you don’t know” but its me whom you’ve known through.”

She was right.

And her best statement to Dad –
“If you are being so cool today, where did all this coolness go some 25 years back when we were to marry?”’

Haha. Like seriously. Point .

She continues, ” I was brought here right after our graduation. I so wanted to pursue CA back then.”
My brother –
“Wow, really Mummy. Then why didn’t you continue?”

Mummy – “Little did I know that falling in love was not only a matter of choice.”
And her looks said it all.

Coming back to me, a young lady in her about-to-be mid 20’s –
“I don’t say I don’t wanna marry. Actually, I say so. But can’t help it forever.
I need time. I agree we all need someone, sometime. Aloofness kills us. Just not now.”

I add to kill the silence
( shit, I was being listened )
” And I have you all – My family, My friends. ”

Silence breaks.
And I get this example we often get to hear – Who will look after you when we aren’t there?

And I have my brother with his soft giggles turned loud & expressions out of no concern.
I don’t understand why do we have these younger siblings around when such talks happen.
But finally, they put a cherry on the top of this delicious, uhmm, deadly delicious cake delivered at the right time.

Like, just ‘ WHAT & WHEN ‘ I needed-
” Who’s telling you to get married so soon?”

“We’re just thinking…
Just thinking to start the official search.”
( Mahn, that “just thinking” sounded so heavenly.)
One more cherry that I get to have.
“This process takes time my dear. ( haha yes, process )
Maybe some years.”

Trust me, ‘this process’ & this ‘some years’ was the best part of the conversation.

So to all the single tribe out there – Ready?
See this the only way out.
1. Start working on what excites your survival
2. Try to hone some home management skills, most importantly your health
3. And start living your life with your family

I Had to, Have to, Will have to.
But why not accept & treat ourselves happily.

Just what we tell our challenges –

Come What May.

So, Come baby, Aai am – Tryin to make myself ready #LOL

Why, you mean why this on Earth?
Cuz no challenge is bigger than your smile.

Let God bless us with this union of husband & wife
What God has joined together, let no one separate

This challenge is surely worth accepting

Thank You & Good Luck.
For your Goal-Check & Soul-Mate.
Check. Mate.

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Goal-Check. Soul-Mate.