cropped-starry-night-871287410454umth.jpgWhat a pleasant morning it is to wake up to feel like a blogger ! The sky is intensely blue. With a cup of coffee to my left, a pen and paper to the right and the laptop in my front, I hereby share my first post.

I’ve been into writing for a couple of years and it was just yesterday night when this idea of blogging hit me. It was then that I created this blog with WordPress and I’m not a little happy to connex with the outside world.

The next step was giving a name to it. To whatever names crossed my mind and I typed, the device in front of me displayed, “Sorry, It already exists !” Those names were so stuck in my head. *BRAINSTORM*

A moment came when I thought ‘ What if I keep my own name? ‘. But that was mainstream. I mean am I that famous? Naah ! I am in the making though 🙂

Then a sudden gale sailed. What am I here for? The answer was – to share an individual’s life and happenings at age 20 and beyond. It was immediately and indubitably apparent that I had got it :- “being-more-than-twenty”

Believe me, it was out-of-the-ordinary. A call came from within. For me, it was the indicator of my ascension.